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Updated: Nov 30, 2018

I still can’t quite believe, as I’m sure I say every year, that we are heading towards Christmas! I had a little epiphany the other day that the years are absolutely longer when your little because compared to the time you’ve lived, well proportionately it really is a long time! So clearly I was reminded in that beautiful epiphany that I am well and truly getting on! I recently had a birthday actually, and I still love them as much as when I was 5! Usually seen as a negative in our society, it really is wonderful to get older.

I love the broad age ranges of guests on our tours. We’ve had some in their early 30s right through to almost 80. This oldest guest travels to Bali very frequently, I hope I’ll be doing the same!

As I reflect on the broad age ranges of Nomad’s guests I’m recalling in February one gorgeous guest nearing her 60s taking the lead with our guide on that rice paddy trek. Really she left some of the younger ones struggling to keep up with her mighty pace. You know no matter the age or background, it’s a sense of adventure, desire for connection and the love of beautiful things that binds us on tour.

As we count down to our November tour, 41 days to be precise (!!!), my excitement builds for the time I get to spend with our

tour guests, getting to know them better, hear about their journeys and their dreams for days ahead. Really, interiors is just a part of it.

Hope to hear your story one day too, Lorena xo

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